Namibia - carlos Antunes
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Upside Down

Quiver Tree Forest, Southern Namibia - September 2016

This place located near Keetmanshoop is undoubtedly a paradise for photographers, with several photo opportunities in each direction.
When I passed by I could not believe the strange but beautiful landscape that comprises about 250 specimens.

Aloidendron dichotomum is known by local bushmen as “quiver tree” because they traditionally used its branches to make quivers.

Quiver Tree is a tall, branching species of aloe, indigenous to Southern Africa, specifically in the Northern Cape region of South Africa, and parts of Southern Namibia (the tallest quiver trees are two to three centuries old).

The boiled root can be taken for treating asthma, and the pure leave sap is used to treat burns and skin disorder.
One funny thing is that if you look fast, the tree looks upside down.