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Come and experience this breathtaking city like never before accompanied by an experienced travel photographer from Lisbon.

Discover your best kept secrets and learn or innovate your photographic techniques, from the most basic to the most advanced.

It does not matter what your photographic equipment given that this intimate tour is adapted to all and will allow you to clarify doubts and evolve making this tour unforgettable and always with the best disposition.

Prices according the size of the group (Private tours also available upun request)

Photo Tour 7 Colinas

Duração - Aprox. 3 Horas

Description: Stroll through the streets of Alfama and Mouraria where you will have the opportunity to discover the most unique alleys and streets of Lisbon, registering the way of living of the oldest communities in a unique and stunning scenery.


Camera or Phone

Good Mood

Confortable shoes

Photo Tour Sunset Carrasqueira

Duração: Aprox 4/5 Hrs

Description: Embark on an adventure to the best kept secret of the Alentejo - Carrasqueira Palafilitico Pier.

This Masterpieceos popular architecture erected in the 50s and 60sis unique in Europe and is built on irregular, seemingly fragile wooden stakes that serve as morning pears for fishing boats that lay there.

Bring your tripod and register one of the most amazing sunsets in the regions. Excellent oportunity to learn and develop HDR and long exposure techniques and even try your dusty graduates filters and much more.


Warm Jacket


Remote Shutter release (optional)

Filters (optional)

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