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Ready to Fly

Etosha National Park, Namibia - October 2016

In a frenetic "rush" to get out of the Etosha national park, before the closing permitted hour, I only had 30 minutes to do 40 Kms on clay road...when suddenly I glimpse this beautiful specimen on top of a tree near to the road! 
Regardless the time, I put my feet on the brakes, waited the dust to dissipate and took this photograph, and a few moments after I 'flew away' to the gate! Fortunately I got there on time!! 

This is a rock kestrel (Falco rupicolus) is a bird of prey species belonging to the kestrel group of the falcon family.

The Rock Kestrel is monogamous unless its mate dies. In the event of a partner dying, he will seek out a new mate.

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