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Impala Attack

Lake Nakuro National Park, Kenya - Jul 2017

Going towards the lake, I noticed that these two males were struggling vigorously.
I stopped the car and waited for the right moment as there were other impalas and some vegetation interrupting the line of sight.

For a brief moment, they stopped and looked at each other with a defiant look. I love the perspective that despite capturing a calm action, it suggests so much more.

Dominance during mating season is established via fights that sometimes end up fatally. Males run toward each other, colliding with their horns.
Impalas show their dominance walking in an erect posture, while displaying their neck, horns and the ears helded backhand. The performer usually faces his opponent, but often with head-turned-away.

Moreover, strength and body size are more important than the size of the horns.

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