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Lonely Tree

Masai Mara, Kenya - July 2017

Going towards the lodge with the afternoon sky turning into dark grey, I asked the driver to stop the car to take one last photo of this beautiful lonely acacia on the horizon.
Curiously, and as I framed the scene, a solitary cheetah appears from nowhere, marking its territory around the tree. After a short brief moment, she walks out of scene leaving behind the void that I had previously encountered.
It is incredible how ephemeral are these moments in the wildlife making the challenge of capturing them an art.
This one of my favourite photograph of this trip.
Males mark their territory by urinating on objects that stand out, such as trees, logs, or termite mounds for example.
Females on the other hand, and unlike males and other felines, do not establish territories, living in home ranges instead, alone or with their offspring. These home ranges can also overlap with others, often those of their daughters, mothers, or sisters. 
The size of a home range depends entirely on the availability of prey.
Females always hunt alone, although cubs will accompany their mothers to learn to hunt once they reach the age of five to six weeks.

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