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Watch your back

Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania - July 2017

We followed these two animals for two consecutive days in Ngorongoro Conservation Area.
It is incredible and fascinating their behavior and intercourse during this period.
In addition to the typical perspective of the two mating, I found this perspective particularly interesting, having the lion looking over the lioness, conveying somehow a feeling of compromise between the two.

The mating behavior of lions is a painful process for the female because as with other cat´s penises, the male lion's penis has spines that point backward. The pain is necessary for feline mating as it is the shock to her system that induces ovulation and permits fertilization.
During the periods between copulation they may lie down next to each other or walk a short distance. Copulation initiate with the male gently stroking the female with his tongue on the shoulder, neck or back.

During the actual act, the male lion mounts the female lion and grasps her neck with his powerful jaws and The is repeated over the approximately four days with each copulaton lasting around 20 seconds.

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