Wildlife - carlos Antunes
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Kruger National Park, South Africa - March 2017
My second home when I lived in Mozambique for three years was the Kruger National Park. During that time I have always hoped to see a leopard. A subtle and majestic feline, very unusual to spot, particularly at dusk or night when most of my tours occurred, due to his proficiency in the art of camouflage.
On this particular day, I decided to take a small trail which led me to a small lake, completely uninhabited of animal life. Later on, after I’ve stop the car to look in the horizon for signs of wildlife, I saw movement in the tall grass next to me, which I quickly realized to be a leopard with its tail waiving above the vegetation.
Mysterious as he is, it quickly vanished into the bush for my deep sadness. I waited for a long time until I decided to move the car to a slightly higher point, about 10 meters from where I was. 
After covering all the ground in front of me, I was preparing to leave when suddenly a perfectly camouflaged Leopard got my attention. The predator was observing me probably for a long time, without me realizing it.