Wildlife - carlos Antunes
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Eyes closed

Kruger National Park, South Africa - January 2017

Look, look closely ... what do you see? I see a sword, or a figurine, or perhaps a jewel case. This is how many see this wonderful animal, as a way to demonstrate wealth in a room, on a shelf.
This is the sad reality - the largest land mammals, still face being killed for their tusks!

Demand for ivory, combined with habitat loss from human settlement, has led to a dramatic decline in elephant populations in the last few decades.
Back in the early part of the 20th century, there may have been as many as 3-5 million African elephants. But there are now around 415,000 accords to WWF.

Unfortunately many struggle for extinction, because in this way the ivory will be worth even more than it is today in the black market.

Don´t Close your eyes, help stop Poaching.