Wildlife - carlos Antunes
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Lonely Path

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania - July 2017

I found this beautiful young Elephant walking alone in the vast plains of Serengeti.
From the moment I saw him walking towards me and disappearing into the horizon, it was, as it always is…an absolutely magical moment for me.

I have always loved elephants, and because of that I always spend a lot of time observing them, their incredible social behavior and their constant demonstration of intelligence in the smallest acts.

It is very difficult for me to understand the most cruel acts against these precious animals, for money purpose.

Back home, with family and friends, many of my phrases and stories begin …”If you could just see an elephant in its natural habitat, in its purest freedom….you would do anything in your hands to protect wildlife.”

My goal is to raise awareness and show how fantastic these animals are, in each story, each photograph that I take. I hope that together we can ensure that our future generations can see these wonderful animals at home, in their natural habitat, safe and free.

Always remember...Elephants never forget…so will they ever forgive?!