Wildlife - carlos Antunes
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Elephant Parade

Etosha National Park, Namibia - October 2016

I have always dreamed about this picture, with a clear scene and a perfect aligned parade of elephants. After 3 years, in the end of the day at Etosha National Park, I finally achieved it!

Elephants are amazing and remarkable creatures, with incredible intelligence and very cultured, with strong bonds and norms.
Regarding that, they travel together, walking in a single line, mainly to protect and watch out for each other. One of the advantages is that young elephants can cling to the tails of the older elephants, which is a good way to protect the young and an efficient way to travel and keep track of everyone.
If there is any sign of danger, the entire herd will protect the young.

The elephant herd is led by the elder female since mature males usually join the herd for breeding, and leader is followed by the rest of the females and their young.

One of my favorite animal on earth!